Blackhead Removal Device

The best way to get rid of acne and oily skin

Acne and blackheads may be annoying and humiliating. Oils, grime, and dead skin from our daily lives clog up our pores. If not treated, they will continue to develop and grow on our skin, becoming larger and larger. 

Our BlackHeads Removal Device is intended to be a high-quality alternative to expensive clinical dermatology procedures. It is useful for removing blackheads, acne, and thoroughly cleaning the face.



  SAFE AND PAIN-FREE -  Our Blackheads Removal Device uses a non-irritating, painless, and strong vacuum absorption technology to remove blackheads, cosmetics, and blocked pores that cause skin issues.

✓ SOFT AND FLAWLESS SKIN -  With The Blackheads Removal Device you won't need to worry anymore about makeup preparations or dirt and hydration issues. The device will make sure that your face is clean and protected.  

✓ DESIGNED FOR ANY AREA OF YOUR SKIN -  Our device has six different beauty heads to choose from, as well as three different suction levels to help you discover the best fit for your skin.


In essence, the NuLifeBeauty Blackhead Removal Device works like a blackhead vacuum, sucking blackheads out of the pores. Deeper blackheads that are typically more difficult to remove with regular face scrubbers or cleansers are much easier to remove due to the device's precise vacuum power.

There are six separate suction heads that can be utilized on different parts of the body. Each head has a distinct function and may be customized to fit any face area.


We recommend using our Blackhead Removal Device after using the Ultrasonic Face Scrubber and Exfoliator or any warm towel on the face to open up the pores.

Choose the head that fits your skin part the most (bigger heads for wider areas of your face while smaller is for more precise and delicate areas like the sides of your nose). Make sure to glide the device up and down on your desired body areas. Do not leave the vacuum on the same spot for more than 3 seconds to avoid bruises or skin irritations.

After the treatment use cold water or our Natural Jade Stone to close down the pores on your skin.