How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Help with Sagging Breasts?

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Help with Sagging Breasts?

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Overtime, many women may feel uncomfortable by sagging breasts. This physically harmless condition can affect women of all cup sizes. The good news is that ultrasonic cavitation on breasts may be a great form of treatment. 

What Are Considered Sagging Breasts? 

A woman’s breasts change throughout their life. The breasts’ ligaments, known as Cooper’s ligaments, support and lift the breasts. Overtime, as women lose elasticity in the skin in this area, these ligaments stretch and cause the breasts to drop. 

Medically coined as ptosis, sagging breasts can be categorized in three different degrees. Each degree is measured by the location of the nipple in accordance with the fold of the breast. 

For most women, it is a combination of various changes that naturally happen to the body that cause breasts to sag. Some of theses changes are natural such as aging, genetics, and gravity, as well as having a larger body mass index (BMI) and/or multiple pregnancies. 

Does Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Affect the Breasts? 

One of the greatest times in a woman’s life can bring many changes to her body, especially in regard to her breasts. During pregnancy and postpartum, the breasts enlarge due to milk production from the milk ducts. The breasts begin to sag during nursing which is a normal reaction. This may be due to the skin surface losing elasticity, low estrogen levels, genetics, age, and if the mom had larger breasts before the pregnancy. 

Non-Invasive Breast Sagging Treatment - Ultrasonic Cavitation 

One of the non-invasive treatments to address sagging breasts is the use of ultrasonic cavitation. This popular procedure may help lift sagging breasts without having surgery. By using ultrasound waves, this type of device can improve firmness, provide contour, and tone the breast skin surface. 

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work? 

As the ultrasound waves safely penetrate the surface of the breast, the heat generated targets fatty cells to be used as energy, and/or to be broken down to be released into the lymphatic system. During this treatment, the skin surface firms as blood circulation is boosted and the breast begins to reshape and lift. 

In addition to firming the skin surface by treating the underlying skin cells, ultrasonic cavitation is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It is often pursued by women and men looking to reduce weight, contour the body, and help detox the body. 

Why Use an Ultrasonic Cavitation Device? 

The advantages of using an ultrasonic cavitation device have been scientifically proven and clinically tested. 

1. Non-Surgical and Pain-Free 

Using an ultrasonic cavitation device has been compared to a non-surgical breast lift. This type of technology is a pain-free treatment that offers the opportunity to tackle unwanted sagging breasts and target stretch marks at the same time. There is no downtime for recovery or surgical scars. 

2. Cellulite Reduction and Skin Firming 

One of the functions of an ultrasonic cavitation device is called the infrared function. This allows the deep layers of the skin tissue to stimulate collagen production, increase blood circulation, and revive skin cells. All of these results help to plump and firm the skin surface. 

3. Pain Relief & Muscle Activation 

To help with any body pain the electronic muscle stimulator acts to encourage the fibers of the muscles to relax. Along with the ultrasonic waves boosting blood circulation, fat cells are burned for energy. 

4. At-Home Fat Loss 

An ultrasonic cavitation machine for home use allows one to have privacy while receiving the same type of treatment offered at expensive salons and spas. 

5. No/Minimal Side Effects 

Most ultrasonic therapy provides little to no side effects. Depending on the skin type, some people may have slight redness and warming areas that subside after a few minutes. 

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cavitation Device? 

Designed for easy use in the comfort of your home, an ultrasonic cavitation device is a handheld wand that is glided across the targeted areas. The pulsating light is set to work only when the button is engaged to prevent the light from harming the eyes. 

Using the device itself is self-explanatory with separate intensity settings and separate function buttons. It is recommended to use a water-based cream or gel with the unit. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment Aftercare 

Unlike surgery, treatments with ultrasonic cavitation devices require no recovery time or limited movement. To ensure the best results of this form of therapy, there are several care tips to follow. 

It is important to stay hydrated before and after each session. It is recommended to drink at least two liters of water within 24 hours of treatment. The goal of removing fat cells and toxins from the body often causes loss of fluids through the urinary system. 

One after-care recommendation is to massage the treated area. A gentle, but firm, massage will help to stimulate movement of loosened fat cells and remove toxins to prevent buildup. 

Follow a healthy diet of low carbohydrates and low-sugar intake, especially within the 24 hours before and after treatment. This diet will stimulate any remaining fat cells to be burned as energy. 

Each cavitation use requires a 30-minute cardio exercise routine following treatment. The workout should elevate the heartrate for the entire session.

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