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Device Parts and Description


Understanding the Device

There are 3 main functions to the Ultrasonic 3-in-1 Slimming Device: Ultrasonic, Infrared and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).

Each function is used differently and serves a different purpose.

  • Ultrasonic – breaks down fat cells using low-frequency ultrasonic waves (think sound waves).
  • Infrared – strengthens and firms up skin by stimulating blood circulation and collagen production using infrared light.
  • EMS – relieves pain, activates and stimulates muscles using a small electrical charge.

The Ultrasonic and Infrared functions can be used together for increased effectiveness (see recommended usage). The EMS function can only be used separately.

Prior to using any function, you will need to plug in the device and press the “Power” button to activate it. Then you can turn on individual functions you want to use.

How to Use: Ultrasonic 

Turn on the device by pressing the “Power” button, then press “Sonic” to turn on the Ultrasonic function. You can press it again to select the “High” setting.

The device works on a simple principal – it sends low-frequency ultrasonic waves to the fat deposits under your skin. At first it might be hard to tell if it is working. As you turn it on you should feel some vibration or pulsation from the metal base of the device.

You can test it by putting some water on the base – the water should vibrate or pulsate as the ultrasonic waves pass through it.

You may also feel a warming sensation as you start massaging your body.

NOTE: You need to use a cream or a gel with this function. Massaging on bare skin will not be effective. The cream/gel will provide much better contact with the skin.

For best results we recommend using our own all-natural Anti-Cellulite Cream. However, you can use any water based cream/gel (such as an ultrasonic gel) or even coconut oil. Some of our users have reported getting great results using regular body lotion as well.


Apply some cream to the device or on the desired area and massage in circular motion, or back and forth.
Please download our PDF guide (top of page) for more information on how to use this function!

How to Use: Infrared 

Using the Infrared mode is very similar to using the Ultrasonic mode mentioned on the previous page. We recommend combining these two modes together for best results (see recommended usage).

To turn on Infrared, power on the device by pressing the “Power” button and then press “Infrared”. The red LED lights around the metal base of the device should turn on.

As you are massaging your skin you may feel some warming.

Infrared can also help reduce wrinkles on the face.

Please download our PDF guide (top of page) for more information on how to use this function!

How to Use: EMS 

This function can only be used with the electrode pads (included in the box). It is meant to be used as a massager, to relieve pain, prevent muscle atrophy and activate muscles.

NOTE: Make sure to clean any body oils from the area you will use the sticky pads on. This is required to extend the longevity of the sticky pads. After use, use a damp cloth to wipe sticky pads and place back protective covers on.

Please download our PDF guide (top of page) for more information on how to use this function!

Recommended Use: Fat Burn, Cellulite Reduction and Skin Firming

Combine Ultrasonic + Infrared 20 minutes daily.

1. Clean and dry desired area.

2. Plug in and turn on device, select Ultrasonic + Infrared (these two functions can be combined together. EMS cannot be combined). You can adjust the intensity from low to high by pressing the “Sonic” button twice.

3. Apply some of our own all natural Anti-Cellulite Cream or your own cream/gel.

4. Massage desired area for 20 minutes. If you would like to work on more than one area, do so for a minimum of 10 minutes each. The device has a present timer of 10 minutes.

5. Clean metal base of device after use. DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER.

If you have more time you can begin with an EMS Slimming massage. Use it on the area you want to target to prime the muscles for better results.

Recommended Use: Pain Relief, Muscle Stimulation and Muscle Atrophy Prevention

Use EMS function for 10-20 minutes. 1. Clean and dry desired area. Make sure you clean off all body oils to extend the longevity of the sticky pads.

2. Connect electrode pads to device and to sticky pads.

3. Stick electrode pads to the desired area. Keep a bit of space between them to target a bigger area of muscles.

4. Select EMS, adjust intensity and type of massage from both sides of the device. Use for 10-20 minutes per area. Up to 30 minutes per session.

5. Once finished, clean sticky pads with damp cloth and attach plastic covers.

For pain relief we recommend any of the following massage types: Tapping, Massage or Knead.

For muscle stimulation and atrophy prevention we recommend the Scrapping massage.


After an ultrasonic session with the device, there are certain things that can be done to maximize the results. Not all of these steps are necessary to see results but they will certainly help optimize the effectiveness of the treatments.

Stay hydrated! – This is essential. We recommend drinking 2Ls of water over a 24-hour period following your treatment. Ultrasonic fat cavitation works by eliminating fat and toxins via the lymphatic and urinary systems. Your body will need the necessary fluids to do these processes.

Massage treated area! – It is important to physically stimulate the treatment area following your session. This promotes movement in the area which prevents fat and toxins from stagnating and becoming too difficult to eliminate.

Maintain good diet! – It is best to maintain a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet 12-24 hours pre-treatment and post-treatment. This is to ensure any fat broken down by the cavitation massage is burnt off as energy by the body.

We also recommend getting a minimum of 30 minutes elevated heart rate exercise on treatment days. Keep in mind that this is not a magic pill solution! You will need to put in consistent effort to see results. Following our recommended use will help you achieve optimum results.

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