Why Mostly Women Are Affected by Cellulite?

Why Mostly Women Are Affected by Cellulite?

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Do you have cellulite? While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, the harmless skin condition can be unsightly for many people. Whether you have tried creams or a salon’s cellulite fat removal machine to diminish the lumpy dimples, as a woman, there may be a simple reason why you have cellulite. Keep reading to see how NuLifeBeauty’s ultrasonic cellulite removers in the USA might just be the solution to removing unwanted cellulite. 

Why Are Women More Prone to Cellulite? 

While both men and women can develop cellulite, it is more prevalent in females. Science has yet to narrow down the reasoning but there may be a connection between the fat distribution, connective tissue, and other factors. 

Connective Tissue 

The female’s connective tissue and fat cells below the skin surface are formed in a vertical pattern. In a male, the same locality of the connective tissue and fat cells appear in a criss-cross pattern. 


In women, hormones such as estrogen affect the condition of the skin, which can lead to cellulite. As hormone levels decrease over time, the blood flow decreases as does the production of collagen, causing fat cells to expand through the connective tissue. 

With male hormone production, the testosterone levels are responsible for protein production, which stimulates the connective tissue to deepen. With a thicker skin, the male body does not predominately show cellulite. 

Water Retention 

Water retention refers to the buildup of fluid in the body. The fluid builds up within the walls of the tissue, hindering the ability to burn fat cells. As a toxin, the fluid buildup blends with the fat cells, forcing them to protrude from the connective tissue. 


Stress causes the body muscles to tighten, causing blood flow to decrease and connective tissue to form a holding position over the muscles. This might cause the body to be unable to properly remove waste and burn fat cells. 


For many women, the appearance of cellulite may fall blame on their ancestors, more commonly known as their mother! As one’s blood circulation, metabolism, and fat cell distribution are linked to their genetics, those prone to cellulite may be able to link this skin condition to heredity. 


A sedentary lifestyle may have a role in the appearance of the tiny dimples. If one’s metabolism is slowed by their health, genetics, or lifestyle, more fat cells will be present to form cellulite. It should be noted people of ALL sizes and shapes deal with cellulite. 

Skin Health 

The existing health condition of one’s skin can also come into play when it comes to cellulite. We know men have thicker skin, but the fact that aging thins the skin’s surface can result in more cellulite in women as they age. 

At Home Non-Invasive Cellulite Removal Treatment for Women 

Regardless of the reason behind your cellulite, NuLifeBeauty’s ultrasonic fat & cellulite burner device can help diminish the appearance of the skin indents. It offers the same ultrasonic cavitation treatment, electronic muscle stimulation, and infrared therapies as the expensive salons. For more information about our products for home use, visit nulifebeauty.com or contact us today at help@nulifebeauty.com.