Start the new year with smooth silky skin with NuLifeBeauty’s IPL hair removal device for Illinois men and women! This latest technology in hair removal is safe to use on all parts of your body, including the face and those sensitive areas. 

NuLifeBeauty’s revolutionary beauty products use scientifically proven methods to make anyone feel and look their very best! You will appreciate the ease of use and the fact you can use the IPL laser hair removal handset in the privacy of your own home!

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work? 

You may be wondering how our handheld device can promise such results. The secret is in the advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) technology that penetrates the skin surface, without any damage, to target the hair root. 

Bursts of intense wide-spectrum light transform into a pulsating heat energy to “impair” the hair root from regrowing. Visible hairs are removed, causing the skin to readjust to a resting phase, which prevents hair reproduction. 

The end result is soft, silky skin surface that is hair-free! And stubborn hairs? The IPL hair removal system safely targets all hair follicles. 

How Long Does IPL Take to Work? 

The advanced technology of NuLifeBeauty’s IPL hair removal device offers hairless results within a few sessions! Depending on hair growth, some customers see results after the first application! The light energy is absorbed by the melanin to heat and destroy the hair cells, preventing further hair growth. 

Suitable Skin Types 

In regard to visible results, it depends entirely on skin type. IPL technology works best with lighter tones, even those with dark hair. NuLifeBeauty’s IPL laser hair removal device has five intensity settings to adapt to most skin tones. 

Reduce Pigmentation, Acne, and Rejuvenate Skin 

The effect on various skin tones can be subjective as the IPL light energy is absorbed by the skin pigment cells. However, this energy is converted into heat which destroys the hair follicle as well as any pigment that forms freckles and age spots. 

Side Effects of IPL Hair Removal 

With NuLifeBeauty’s IPL laser hair removal at-home device, there is no irritation or pain. While our IPL device is constructed with a safety feature to prevent the pulsating light from working unless pressed firmly against the skin, we do recommend using regular sunglasses as protection. 

How Often Can You Use at Home IPL Hair Removal Device? 

Our painless hair removal device can be used two to three times per week for several weeks. At this time, users should notice substantialy less hair growth, if any, and should increase the intensity setting each session. Once there is little to no hair growth, continue using the hair remover once a week for one to three months before seeing permanent silky skin. 

NuLifeBeauty’s IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset 

Our company was founded with the sole purpose of providing everyone a chance to feel young and beautiful with revolutionary beauty products. At NuLifeBeauty, we offer 100% satisfaction with all of our designs. For more information about our products for home use, visit or contact us today at

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